kicked-off slipper of a being

I picked up Sharon Olds’ Stag’s Leap at Primrose Hill Books a few weeks ago. She accounts for the gradual dissolution of her 35 year marriage with subtlety and a mysterious kindness. I’ve paired “On the Hearth of the Broken Home” with two illustrations by contemporary American artist Patti Jordan who begins her petrified and spindly drawings by pouring ink on paper and pulling it to create a form from the veins on the page.

Don’t lose your curiosity. Don’t stop sifting. Pour a simple moment within. And watch carefully as its veins spread across the paper. Look for the form, or even better, make one yourself.  

PATTI JORDAN “Up-Ended (Viscera 014)” / “Slick (Biconical 019)” via Jordan’s (fascinating) artist statement on One Day You Will Find Me

read more from Stag’s Leap by Sharon Olds here / a compelling interview with Olds on her writing

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