8 years ago, I stood wide-eyed in the Belmont cafeteria as I watched my hometown wash away. I was in the midst of establishing a new life while ┬álosing all the props to my past one. It was strange and sad to feel so landlocked… unable to help and with so few people that shared my grief. So I cope how I cope. I wrote a song… I quilted together stories I’d heard with what I imagined it to be. When I wrote this song, I thought, I moved away and I can’t ever go back to the home I remember because it’s not there anymore. But a few weeks ago, I sang this in my mom’s living room for a group of close friends & family. It was an incredibly humbling experience to sing this song for the people who were really there, the people who rebuilt the hometown that I love with grit and humanity and fierce pride. Those people – and the incredible community on the MS Gulf Coast – make it home – and their sustaining spirit can never be washed away.

Video by Jeff Harrison

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3 Responses to Hurricane

  1. Milla says:

    This was so beautiful Allie! And it was cool to hear exactly what the song is about. I mean, I knew it was about a hurricane because I am extremely perceptive, but I always love finding out more about where in someone’s life a song comes from.

    See you next week! xx

  2. abbyleigh says:

    this song always makes me cry. love it so.

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