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I am obsessed with Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook Save with JamieAbby gave it to us as a hostess gift when she visited us in September and I have cooked from it so much this fall. When I looked up some reviews of this cookbook, the press referred to it as Jamie’s “austerity” cookbook (Oh, I love this country), meaning all of the recipes cost a few pounds per serving. He achieves this by dressing up leftover Sunday roast throughout the week. You spend £8 on a beef brisket for Sunday and have curry on Monday, tacos on Tuesday, stew & jacket potatoes on Wednesday, etc. There are lots of tips for using up leftover veggies, overripe fruit, stale bread, etc. and turning into useful kitchen standbys. It is so practical and very user-friendly but the recipes are really delicious.

We are in austerity mode up here in north London, so needless to say, I have been all about saving with Jamie. Here are some my of favourite recipes from the book that are available online. I’ve made all of these and they are so good.

Meatballs alla Norma / Lamb koftas / Veggie korma with cauliflower pilaf / Hit & Run chicken tray bake

I think this would be a fantastic housewarming gift, hostess gift, Christmas gift, etc. Who doesn’t want to save money on groceries and still crank out delicious meals? And on an expat note, this cookbook has everything from piri piri to roast to cauliflower cheese – a pretty good overview of all the things you might find on a British dinner table. When Americans say there is no good food in England, they just haven’t been invited over for dinner. Or supper. Or tea. Or whatever.

Photos by David Loftus / Recipes by Jamie Oliver from Save with Jamie 

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