My Guide to Nashville

i’ve been gone 9 months, so i’m sure there are some hip pop-ups and new must-sees. this is MY nashville. this is where i love to go. if you are planning a visit, i hope this guide can give you some ideas.


 in nashville, the pace is slower, the schedules looser and the vibe is CHILL. so just roll with it. if you visit nashville, i think you should have three priorities – hang out on a patio, hear some music and catch up with some friends. after the jump i share my favorite places to eat, to drink, to hear some music & where to stay …

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my nashville five

i was featured on the boss of all blogs – nashville’s lockeland springsteen – check out the five things i miss most about nashville HERE

hope you’re having a good week! i’ve been keeping alva sr. busy – will be back with a full report (with photos) next week! it’s a beautiful fall day in london, we’re going to the south bank! happy tuesday – thinking of all the sandies on the east coast.

behind the scenes of the last track on “in nashville”

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