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8 years ago, I stood wide-eyed in the Belmont cafeteria as I watched my hometown wash away. I was in the midst of establishing a new life while ¬†losing all the props to my past one. It was strange and sad to feel so landlocked… unable to help and with so few people that shared my grief. So I cope how I cope. I wrote a song… I quilted together stories I’d heard with what I imagined it to be. When I wrote this song, I thought, I moved away and I can’t ever go back to the home I remember because it’s not there anymore. But a few weeks ago, I sang this in my mom’s living room for a group of close friends & family. It was an incredibly humbling experience to sing this song for the people who were really there, the people who rebuilt the hometown that I love with grit and humanity and fierce pride. Those people – and the incredible community on the MS Gulf Coast – make it home – and their sustaining spirit can never be washed away.

Video by Jeff Harrison

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a postcard for you

this video was shot on perfect day last weekend (thanks to my favorite videographer, allison). here is a moving picture postcard with song. we walked along the southbank at the christmas fair – drinking mulled wine and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

this is for all my friends who have had a rough year. please know i am thinking of you. i hope everyone can share this with someone who needs some cheering up – it only takes a moment to remind your friends that you love them but the echoes are long and warm.

christmas is soon… but until then i leave you with this sunny afternoon. xoxo alva leigh

pandora ad

it’s really¬†awesome when this happens. “ordinary day” is being used in the fall campaign for pandora jewelry! we recorded a new version for the company, changing the chorus lyric from “spring” to “fall.” i’m giving the song away for free in exchange for one valid email address! see the widget below then share it!

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