Everything Artists Want To Know… from an album art director



RACHEL BRIGGS is a freelance art director whose photographs & illustrations have graced the pages of American SongwriterRolling Stone, GQ, & No Depression. Former clients have included Universal, ATO & Third Man Records to K-Swiss & Wal-Mart. Rachel recently setup shop in East Nashville at the new Fond Object Records under the name “Dept. of Goods & Services.” She recently designed the album artwork for Caitlin Rose’s The Stand In and The Ettes’ Wicked Will, featuring her hand-lettering, illustrations, photography and overall genius. She’s worked with musicians on their artwork for 10 years and logged 7 years as the art director for American Songwriter. You have devoted so much time & effort to the music, she says you can’t skimp on the artwork. Rachel shares her road-tested advice…
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Everything an Artist Wants to Know… from an entertainment lawyer

TYLER MIDDLETON represents artists and industry personnel clients in the entertainment industry. She focuses her practice areas in artist development, contracts, intellectual property, and corporate matters for a range of clients, including musicians, managers, music publishers, record companies, marketing companies, public relations firms, online music companies, visual artists, producers, fashion merchandisers, and authors. In 2006, Tyler joined Gladstone Baker Kelley on Music Row, and in 2010, she started her own association of attorneys, Graffam Middleton, with associate Ted Graffam where she continues to serve her clients in Nashville. Continue Reading

Everything an Artist Wants to Know… from an artist manager

KRISTEN DABBS first made her way into the music industry as Paste Magazine’s advertising director. After five years of helping to launch and grow Paste, Kristen left to work for another music magazine, American Songwriter. In her first months at American Songwriter, she helped to developed a new website, American Songspace. She then left to manage a project that she and her husband, singer-songwriter Trent Dabbs, started in 2005 – Ten out of Tenn, a collective of Nashville artists. In 2009, she and Charlie Peacock co-produced an award winning music documentary based on TOT, Any Day Now. In 2010 she joined forces with BMI’s Jody Williams & producer Paul Worley (Lady Antebellum, Dixie Chicks) and helped launch Musicians Corner, a free weekly concert in the park series. Kristen has two children and co-owns Ready Set Music, a record label and management company for Ten out of Tenn, Young Summer, Trent Dabbs and Sugar & the Hi Lows. Continue Reading

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