quiet moment

quiet moment

Things have been so busy since I’ve come home. I’m singing with MPJ on his first UK tour (check his site for dates), planning some shows for when I come back to America in August and listening to mixes of the new album! But yesterday I had a little quiet moment over a really good salad. It’s the small things…

Our fridge has become a museum lately – lots of dinners out, eating Pret on a bus. So the majority of our CSA box went into a roasting pan. I’ve been throwing it into haphazard meals eaten at odd hours, but this one turned out well. Spring mix + avocado + roasted seeds + sultanas + roasted beets + green onions + simple vinaigrette – nice mix of earthy, savory & sweet!

Tune in tonight at 10:30pm (4:30 CST)- Matthew & I will be with Simon Lederman on BBC London 94.9 – listen online here

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