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ex-factor cover


I hope to share more versions of the songs that made me fall in love with music. To chart my musical history that led me to this point. It might get weird but whatever.

I was in 7th grade, a cheerleader in braces who worshipped her cool older brother. I had just lost my father. I loved pop music – I didn’t have anyone playing weathered vinyls of Joni (that came later); I listened to what was on the radio and I loved Lauryn Hill. She was more honest than Destiny’s Child (who I also loved, don’t get me wrong). She seemed true to herself and to her message, and that struck me. I remember buying the “Everything is Everything” single in 1999. It hung in one of those plastic CD sheets that you tacked on the wall, probably purchased from Spencer’s Gifts. On that single, there is a bonus track – a simple mix of “Ex-Factor.” It was one of the first songs that made me fall in love with music. Here is my version, my tribute to a pin in my musical map.

Please download & share.

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christmas songs

alva leigh christmas songs! can you believe it is a week away?! here are some songs to get you in the mood!

a duet with my good friend daniel ellsworth – a beautiful song he wrote for the music city unsigned compilation. i provided some bgvs.

spotify | free download on noisetrade

an OLD (2007) song i wrote & recorded for the compilation, a big beard christmas, recorded & organized by producer mike odmark. this is more of an advent song, but i’m into that. download from soundcloud!

pandora ad

it’s really awesome when this happens. “ordinary day” is being used in the fall campaign for pandora jewelry! we recorded a new version for the company, changing the chorus lyric from “spring” to “fall.” i’m giving the song away for free in exchange for one valid email address! see the widget below then share it!

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