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Back in October, I told y’all I was on a diet - the paleo diet. Looks like a lot of people are also on this no carb, no dairy, no-sugar diet too. I mean, I still ate a cupcake on Valentine’s Day and indulge in some french fries every now and then… but 90% of the time, I am following that diet. And I’ve lost weight. 10 pounds actually.

I have been exercising regularly (which I am historically awful at) and I am stronger, leaner, healthier. I have always hated working out – but I am trying to retrain myself to need it, just like I need my 8 hours of sleep. HIIT training has helped me get my workout over with and still get results.

I usually do 2 BodyPump classes a week, 1 intermediate Pilates class and 1 HIIT circuit a week. After I do the HIIT circuit I am gasping for breath and I feel like I was hit by a truck. Pinterest has been a great source for workouts. I do this circuit once a week for 40 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 3 repetitions. But I will gradually increase those intervals and circuits over time.

Blonde Ponytail Lean Legs Workout + Blonde Ponytail Sculpt Your Arms + Blonde Ponytail Ab Attack

You can always download an interval timer on your phone but I have really liked this clip-on interval timer by Gymboss. Another great thing about these workouts is the minimal equipment the require. I am excited to keep up my routine when I am recording and on tour.

I feel like I should also say consult your doctor and I was horrible at science, so don’t hold me to any of this. If you are an expert, please jump in!

I am going to raise the bar before I go to Nashville in May – anyone have any routines they recommend? I am thinking about trying BodyCombat and doing this circuit as a tabata workout. But I am very new to this whole thing. Would love your recommendations!


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