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i’ve confessed my switch to the paleo diet and shared some fitness milestones (i.e. regularly going to the gym). i thought i would share some of my favorite snack recipes.

if i can get into the kitchen on sunday afternoon to prepare some food for the week, we keep our budget in check and i eliminate those moments of staring into the fridge, starving. one thing i can’t get consistently right with this way of eating is the fullness factor. some days i will eat a bowl of soup and am full until dinner, other days i will eat a salad with protein and loads of veggies and be starving by 4. anyone have any ideas? 

when the moment of hunger strikes, definitely don’t grab a snickers. maybe make some of these healthy snacks. your body and your wallet will thank you.

have a great weekend. throw open the windows, crank up Radio 1 and make some SNACKS – that’s what I do.

PALEO SPICED NUTS from Paleo Comfort Foods - Mix in some golden raisins for a salty-spicy-sweet thang.

PALEO GRANOLA from Cheeky Kitchen – Kind of an indulgent treat – very addictive, so be careful on your portions!

MORNING GLORY MUFFINS from Paleo Comfort Foods - served these with tea at a meeting – they were a big hit

PALEO BREAKFAST BARS from Elena’s Pantry – I added poppy seeds – really good!


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  1. Lacy says:

    I recently started the paleo diet to (*hopefully*) clear up my skin and I remembered you were doing it so I’ve been going back and reaping from your wisdom and shared recipes! Needless to say, I’m so excited about these, because I’ve found that “lack of fullness” feeling to be the hardest part, and can never figure out what to snack on. Something I have added to my afternoon, though, is a daily smoothie with one banana (gives it that smooth texture usually added with yogurt), a cup or so of frozen berries, a handful of spinach (disguised!), and a splash of orange juice to add some liquid. I know it might be a bit fruity for paleo standards, but it’s a lot better than the crackers that are tempting me in my cabinet!

    • alvaadmin says:

      It is really great! I am on it 80/20… (i.e. my Instagram last night) I really think cutting out gluten has been the biggest improvement but the lack of fullness is hard. There is some science to the amount of protein, carbs, fat that you need to get in each meal. I am hoping to do more research. I will share my findings! Good luck with the diet!

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